Interviewer: Rick Tunis                                                                                   

Published by:  Ernest Quansah

Ernest Quansah is the author of the recently published Diabetic’s Journey: How Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed and Cured. He lives in Vancouver, Canada, has worked as a chef, and now as a certified Culinary Assistant. Quansah specializes in the curing of type 2 diabetes. He has a certificate in Peer Counselling and is the author of four books.

Rick: Good day, Ernest, and thanks for taking this interview.

Ernest: Thanks for having me.

Rick: How did you develop your expertise in the curing of type 2 diabetes?

Ernest: Good question to start with. As a chef and pastry chef, for many years I consumed sweets. I ate sweets for breakfast. I ate them for late night snacks and even in the middle of the night. Subsequently, I noticed a whitish sticky substance appearing on my tongue each morning. Then I went to the doctor and was diagnosed. The doctor explained to me that the sticky whitish substance was the result of excess sugar buildup finding a way to exit my body. He also explained that my condition was so serious that I was not far from going into cardiac arrest. After the diagnoses, for two years I managed the diabetes using traditional pharmaceutical drugs. One day I decided to ask my doctor if diabetes could be cured. He said yes, using several approaches all working together. That is what led me to start my research work on how diabetes can be cured.

Rick: What influence did diabetes have on your life?

Ernest: Diabetes had both positive and negative influences on me. For example, I lost hope waiting for the day when the diabetes would take my life, and expecting it would first induce diseases, such as heart disease, liver failure, blindness, and so forth. On the positive side, I realized what I direction I should move in. I refused to accept the usual fate caused by diabetes and began a journey to see what would happen if I tried to heal myself, and if I succeeded, how I could use my experience to help other diabetics.

Rick: Is your writing influenced by science, life experience, or other factors?

Ernest: My writing is very much influenced by life experiences, which have always lead to some sort research to certify that what I write about is the truth. This means; what I write is backed by research. It’s not just things written by me, it is based on the studies of researchers worldwide.

Rick: In your latest book, Diabetics Journey, you talk about how type 2 diabetes can reversed and even cured.  How did you come to this discovery?

Ernest: That happened when my doctor told me that type 2 diabetes could be cured by using several approaches all working together. His advice led me to do research, and sure enough his statement, which I mentioned before—that type 2 diabetes can be cured—proved to be correct.

Rick: What was most inspiring to you while writing Diabetic’s Journey?

Ernest:  The idea that I would be connecting with diabetics all over the world and serving them through presenting my story and my research so that they too can regain good health. That was the most inspiring thing for me.

Ernest: What would you like to say to readers of your new book?

Ernest: The most important thing I can say to my readers is this: Why manage your type 2 diabetes with drugs when you know that it can eventually progress to type 1 diabetes and wreak havoc on their heart? Now that you know I have a website dedicated to helping you cure your diabetes, why not make use of it and get cured like I did?

Rick: What can your readers expect to learn from Diabetic’s Journey?

Ernest: While most books related to the cure of type 2 diabetes are just recipe books, Diabetic’s Journey comes with a story—how I became and diabetic, the steps I took that led to a cure and the findings of other researchers who now say that type 2 diabetes can be cured. What’s more, it has a summary of an article about my cure method that was featured in WebMD Diabetes, fall 2016 issue, page 19. In fact, my book contains lots of proof that type 2 diabetes can be reversed and cured. Furthermore, it contains the principles of how this cure can be achieved.

Rick: Can you give us an idea of what your next project is?

Ernest: My next book will be my fifth and final book. It is being written as my gift to my better half. It is my idea to convert it into a screen play, some day. I will keep the details from the public just for a few more months, mainly because my significant other does not know that I am writing it and about to give it to her.

Rick: I think that’s about it. Thanks once again for taking this interview and good luck with all of your future endeavors.

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