Diabetes Exercise

Diabetes Exercise

The best way to reverse type diabetes is to incorporate exercise into the reversal process. There is a reason for this. Diabetes affects the muscles. This is why, when one becomes a diabetic, the person has less strength and energy. To regain this energy, you need to exercise to burn off the sugar in your body that made you insulin resistant. This is done through cardio exercise. Because diabetes weakens the muscles, using weights should be part of the exercise routine. As you work the muscles, the body begins to return to insulin sensitivity. When your muscles again begin to absorb the glucose found in sugar, they gain their strength back. This process of returning insulin sensitivity is the means of reversal and the potential for an eventual cure of type 2 diabetes.

Exercise for diabetics

As recent as March of 2017, research has shown that for diabetes exercise to be beneficial to the diabetic, the exercise should be customized. This means that a diabetic should follow an exercise routine. Many diabetics go to the gym but see no results. Why? The reason is that randomly exercising (including walking) has very little effect. It helps manage the diabetes but will not help reverse or cure it.

How often should diabetics exercise?

Type 2 diabetics should exercise no less than five days a week until the diabetes is reversed. The exercise routine should begin with a five-minute warmup followed by the use of weights, preferably in the form of resistance machines. This will be followed by cardio exercise. According to researchers we worked with us to develop our diabetes reversal and cure program, the diabetic must break a sweat when exercising.

We offer a customized exercise routine developed especially for diabetics, which has been internationally endorsed. We invite you to give it a try.

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