Studies show that successful people generally have certain abilities developed that non-successful people don’t; for example, when they see an opportunity to improve, they ACT. They know that if they procrastinate, they remain stuck and let opportunities slip by.  Understanding this VERY IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE is the key to successfully reversing your pre-diabetes and diabetes. You just need to ACT NOW.

A Perfect Example of Success


When Barack Obama first considered running as a U.S. presidential candidate, he hesitated and didn’t act. During a lunch meeting with a friend—an older senator—Barack informed his friend about his decision not to enter the democratic race, being that he did not think he would be nominated. His friend encouraged Obama to go ahead and enter the race. Obama then seized the opportunity and acted right away. He announced his decision to run for the position of President of the United States and ended up winning twice to serve two full terms. What would have happened if he hadn’t acted, but procrastinated instead?

Pre-diabetes is the sign that full-blown type 2 diabetes is pending if action is not taken. Since type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease, it can further progress to type 1 diabetes whereby insulin injections are required. At that stage, the diabetes cannot be reversed because the pancreas no longer functions. Diabetes is the number one cause of strokes. It also causes heart disease, liver failure, blindness, and the need for limb amputation. All these conditions can develop while the condition is being managed with drugs and can end up taking the victim’s life.  That is why it is VERY IMPORTANT to TAKE ACTION.

We hear from diabetics who have been told by their doctor that they have only one year to live. Why did they end up in this situation? Because they depended on modern medicine, as one doctor puts it, until their diabetes progressed to an irreversible stage. For a very small fee that can save your life, take advantage of this window of opportunity to reverse your pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes while you still have a chance.



While on our program, IMAGINE how you would feel if your doctor told you that you are DIABETES FREE! How would your friends and family feel about your accomplishment? You Can Make It Happen.


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