We offer an ALL NATURAL 3-Step Plan for reversing and curing Type 2 Diabetes that is non hereditary. We do not sell recipe books. The 3-Step Diabetes Permanent Cure consist of:

  • A Menu Cycle with recipes designed for reversing diabetes.
  • Supplements (the names of vitamins and supplements, when to take them with a full explanation of how they help)
  • An Exercise Program (the right exercises with a complete daily routine to follow)

We offer 3 packages to choose from:
SILVER PACKAGE: The Journey ~The Book (is about the journey that led to the discovery of the cure for Type 2 Diabetes and the names of the doctors who assisted along with their hand-written testimonials. The Journey comes in both PDF, as well as paper back. PRICE: $ 14.95 US

GOLD PACKAGE: The 3-Step Diabetes Permanent Cure Program. This package consists of our 3-Step plan which is made up of:

  • Customized menu cycle with recipes $19.95 USD
  • A list of what supplements to take at what time of day with a full explanation of the role they play in reverse your diabetes $19.95 USD
  • Lastly, a specially designed and tested exercise program that makes up the last of the 3-Step Diabetes Permanent Cure program $19.95 USD

All Three must be used together for optimum results and are sold together
Downloadable PDF ONLY: PRICE: $ 59.85 USD
DIAMOND PACKAGE: This package consists of the above Silver and Gold packages in addition to FREE CONSULTATIONS while you are using The Diabetes Permanent Cure Program.
Downloadable PDF ONLY: PRICE $ 74.80 US

Why Trust Us?
Because, we are honest. Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed. This information has been intentionally prevented from reaching diabetics. Our mission is to help diabetics heal and regain their full health back. Our 3-Step Diabetes Permanent Cure program has been reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD, WebMD, Lead Medical Editor and was featured in the magazine WebMD Diabetes Fall 2016 Issue, page 19. In addition, Ernest Quansah, the researcher, is member of Academia.edu, which is made up of 350,000 researchers worldwide. More importantly, our research has been posted on Academia.edu and has been downloaded by other researchers worldwide. See academia.edu.
Why manage your condition, when you could CURE it!? The longer you manage diabetes the more damage it does to you including and not limited to heart disease, liver failure, leg amputations and the list goes on. Take Action. Order Your Diabetes Reversal Plan Here