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Diabetes cure and prevention is the main mission of the International Diabetes Federation. On March 16th 2017, a researcher from McMaster University published an article in The National Post. In the article, the researcher indicated that type 2 diabetes can be cured in four months. What does the cure of type 2 diabetes mean? The lead medical doctor who advised DDSC in the research stage gave the guideline that when the diabetes has been reversed in a subject, if it does not return after two years, the diabetic is determined cured.

In addition, researchers from the University of Tunisia published their findings in the Journal of Diabetes Research in which they stated that they discovered that the pancreas can be normalized even when the patient has suffered from diabetes. A pancreas with normalized functioning means the patient is no longer diabetic.

How long does it take to reverse and cure type 2 diabetes?

We receive email from people asking how long it takes to cure diabetes. DDSC’s research has found that it can take less than a month to reverse the diabetes and up to four months to achieve a cure, (though this will not be declared until two year after achieving reversal). A key factor is whether or not the diabetic has been taking measures to manage the diabetes; for example, doing some exercise, eating healthy and taking medication to manage the diabetes. If you have been doing these things, the diabetes can be reversed within four weeks. The DDSC 3-Step Diabetes Reversal and Cure Program has all the information on how to reverse and cure type 2 diabetes. Order here.

If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes requiring insulin, our 3-Step Diabetes Reversal and Cure Program can help improve your health considerably.

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